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Valentino Bergamo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

(click HERE to see Valentino's story about this Wincharger)

Mike Hage, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tom Dotta, Loyalton, CA

Sergio Vittori, Rafaela, Arentina

Chris Gillis, Frederick, MD

Jose luis Picca, Cordoba, Argentina

Cesar Sartor, Curitiba, Brazil

Peter Stipetich, Superior, WI

(click HERE for "The Stipetich Wincharger" story)

Luis Fernando da Rocha Kalsing, Lajedo, Brazil

Dale Mark, Princeton, MN

Jim Stelle, Trabuco Canyon, CA

Bruce Fellows, Little Valley, NY

Norm Anderson, Canfield, OH

Gus Stangeland, Richardson, TX

David Ballinger, Burlington, IA

Mike Werst, Manor, TX

Craig Toepfer, Michigan

Jim Davis, Acton, CA

Oliver LaChapelle, Acton, CA

George Ansly, Haswell, CO

Ray Bronk, Hoquiam, WA

Russ Craig

Glen Gibbel, Grass Valley, CA

Steve Gomez, Orange, TX

Richard Greenhough, Alberta, Canada

Steve Hicks, White Sulfer Springs, MT

G.M. van Stigt, Lelystad, Holland

(click here for for a very touching and interesting

writeup about the background of this Wincharger)

Christopher Ludlow

John McNarry, Alexander, Mb, Canada

Fred Miller, Sequim, WA

Steve Owens, Newton,  IA

Phil Perry, Hepler, KS

Robert Peterson, El Paso, TX

Marc Vandendyck, Belgium


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