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News: Great Wincharger History Article "Riches From The Wind", 1938 Popular Science Monthly
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Author Topic: For Sale: Famous Jacobs Wind Electric 1.8kW, 32VDC Wind Turbine  (Read 67 times)
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« on: December 28, 2020, 12:58:33 PM »

Historically significant, 1800W, 32VDC, Model 45 Jacobs wind turbine, combined with a Gemini Synchronous inverter and a 72-foot tall octahedron tower for sale:  $12,000.  (Note: the 22% Federal Renewable Energy Tax credit for small residential wind turbines would reduce this cost by $2640 in 2021).  This wind turbine system is complete and ready to fly again!

Historical Significance:  This was actually the first small wind turbine in the USA which was grid-tied via a synchronous inverter.  WINDWORKS, an engineering consulting firm active in the field of wind energy in the 1970s/80s, assembled this wind energy system at the Wisconsin summer home of former U.S. Congressman Henry Reuss in September, 1975.  The Gemini Synchronous inverter, invented by Alan W. Wilkerson, was the first inverter to allow small wind generators to be interfaced with utility grids.  WINDWORKS also developed the octahedron tower as a low cost, easily fabricated solution to the problem of getting a wind generator where the winds are.

System includes the following items:
Generator: completely restored.  Commutator turned-down, 94 bars undercut and polished; armature windings steam-cleaned, oven-baked and coated with an insulating paint.  Includes new armature shaft bearings and new generator brushes.  The generator neutral setting was confirmed, which minimizes generator brush arching – ensuring the longest generator brush life.  Comes with a Jacobs wind plant owner’s manual.
Flyball Governor With Blades: governor was taken apart and rebuilt.  Flyweight pivot points have new Oilite bushings, installed new flyweight pivot pins and new speed adjustment rods to ensure smooth feathering operation.  The three blades have been sanded and painted with several coats of aluminum paint similar to that used on the original Jacobs blades.  The blades and governor assembly have been statically balanced with proper blade pitch set - ensuring smooth rotor operation.
Tail Vane Assembly: custom hand-painted tail vane depicts the sun and moon on one side with a cloud on the other – looks great up in the air!  Pull-out spring, stop chain, and pull-out chain are included.
Gemini Synchronous Inverter: this inverter (serial #2) was completely disassembled, cleaned with acetone, alcohol, and flux remover, re-assembled and repaired to working order.  Included with the inverter are the original hand-drawn inverter schematics by inventor Alan Wilkerson, inverter patent(s), operator’s manual, and sales brochure(s).  Spare parts (ex. thyristors, op-amps, fuses, etc.) included.
Tower: 72-foot tall, self-supported, octahedron tower was originally designed/assembled/tested at WINDWORKS, later dismantled and installed at the summer home of Rep. Henry Reuss, and is presently dis-assembled with each tower tube numbered for easy re-assembly.  The top 7-foot tower section has been re-assembled with the original Jacobs tower cap and upper collector castings as well as the generator saddle assembly to ensure it yaws freely.  All tower mounting bolts/nuts plated with high corrosion-resistant trivalent chromate zinc to prevent rust.  Total tower weight of 1020 lbs is purported to be 40% lighter than a conventional tower of the same height.
Miscellaneous: the slipring assembly has been refurbished with three new brass rings along with new slipring brushes.  A new generator–to–slipring power cable is included with the top 7-foot tower section.  System includes an original Jacobs pull-out winch.  The turntable tapered roller bearing (Timken p/n 395-S) and lower collector casting bearing are both new.  Several articles (Milwaukee Journal, Wind Power Digest, Home Power Magazine) written about this wind energy system as well as historical photos are included.
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