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Title: Greetings from South Africa
Post by: Mountainman on April 28, 2015, 09:11:48 AM
My name is Pieter, and I was recently given two Winchargers as a project restoration. The puzzle now is to piece together the parts correctly and get them working. I hope to get two fully working originals out of it , and one "hotrod" style, with new inner workings (12v) and a new slip ring to turn on, whilst still looking original.(I only have the back housing, so everything else will be reproduced.)
These will go into service at my little bushveld cottage out in the sticks, where I have to rely on off-the-grid PV solar units and wind backup.
My other interests are anything with wheels, preferably vintage. I own a few cars, from older 4 cyl to bigger V8. In keeping with the wheels theme, I collect 1:18 modelcars with a movie theme, as well as pedalcars. Being on the southern tip of Africa means we don't see the nicer cars from the States or Europe often, but I managed to build up a nice collection so far.
I do all the maintenance and restoration on my cars myself, and believe that I would rather buy a tool than borrow one, so I have most of the equipment needed to do fairly extensive work myself, with only specialised jobs being sent away.
Winchargers are relatively scarce in South Africa, and this is part of the attraction for me.
So this is me. Anyone else from this neck of the woods?

Title: Re: Greetings from South Africa
Post by: Cronje on February 20, 2017, 11:03:47 AM
Hi I am also from South Africa and is restoring my firts wincharger 6volt,do u maybe have some measurements on a blade and does it turn right or lefthand