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Title: another new memeber
Post by: WisJim on August 18, 2014, 10:39:03 AM
I've been interested in wind energy since I bought, rebuilt and installed a 1930s vintage Wind Power in 1977 that we used for a year or so to power our off grid home until replacing it with a Jacobs 2.5kw machine that we still use.  I had picked up a number of Winchargers, too, over the years, along with motors, radios, and some appliances, many of which we put to use on our 32v powered homestead.  Nowadays our Jacobs is used to charge a 24v battery which runs our home through an inverter, so everything is now regular 120v AC in the house.  I still have some odds and ends of Wincharger stuff, though, and may list some of it, and maybe motors and other related items, in the classified part of this site.  We live in western Wisconsin and really don't have a good wind site, although the old Jacobs still produces a few hundred kilowatt-hours every month.

Title: Re: another new memeber
Post by: Mike on August 18, 2014, 07:40:35 PM
Great story!  So was the house originally wired for 32V and powered by a wind generator or did it have a Delco Light Plant? 

Title: Re: another new memeber
Post by: WisJim on August 19, 2014, 07:37:32 AM
We built the house on vacant land (in 1975-1976) and wired it for 32v DC, later adding some 120AC circuits (after getting a small inverter) and also some for 12v DC to run a car stereo and other 12 volt items.  We did have an 850 Delco as back-up, and ran it an hour or two a year.  We added solar electric panels (PVs) in 1981, and have since, after moving to a different part of the state, added lots more PVs.  I still have the Delco, too, but haven't used it in years.